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Post on 6/3/2024, 11:10:31 PM

I’m kind of torn about these super fancy, scroll-take-over, 3D graphics, high JavaScript websites. On one hand, yes slightly annoying, but on the other, it’s very impressive what they do and sometimes very well. Take for example the recent kid on the block, Daylight Computer. You could call it “scroll driven story” or something like this. At least that’s how I imagine some tech bro somewhere justified it: “we let the users feel as if they are controlling the story”. Idk. It’s pretty impressive (look at the shadows in one of the part). It definitely still begs the question if it’s necessary. I’m inclined to say that it’s really cool, though. I guess the thing about product pages is that you’re really only going to look at it once and if you can make an incredible impression to at least some of your market then maybe it’s definitely worth it.